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Flanagan Chardonnay Russian River Valley

A typical day in Russian River begins with cool fog that fades by mid-morning as the warm sun transforms the vineyard into a warm, welcoming place buzzing with bees. In the late afternoon the ocean air sweeps in from the west cooling the vineyard down. Soils of clay and volcanic rock, carved into rolling hills by the Russian River, are the bass line to the melody played by the sun, wind and fog. Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014, 201320122011, 2010

Flanagan Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard

The Ritchie Vineyard is one of the most famous Chardonnay sites in Sonoma County. The vineyard was planted in the early 1970’s to a Wente clone of Chardonnay on AXR-1 rootstock.  It was later discovered that AXR-1 was not phylloxera resistant and owner Kent Ritchie was told he would need to replant the vineyard. Forty years later the vineyard still produces world class fruit!

Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014

Flanagan Chardonnay Bacigalupi Vineyard

 Just north of our Home Ranch on Starr Road the Bacigalupi family owns  approximately 100 acres of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Vineyards. We sourced fruit  for the 2014 Flanagan Chardonnay Bacigalupi Vineyard from one of their top blocks.  Bacigalupi was the source of the Chateau Montelena Chardonnay that, famously, beat  the French wines at the “Judgement of Paris” tasting in 1976.

Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014

Flanagan Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

The Sonoma Coast AVA is becoming known as the top source for cool climate Pinot Noir.  Our Pinot Noir is founded in letting each site and each vintage express itself.  We do not have a dogmatic approach to wine-making.  Pinot Noir, more than any other grape variety, is made in the vineyard. 

Proprietor's Notes: 20152014, 201320122011

Flanagan Syrah Bennett Valley

Prominent critics have described our Syrah as reminiscent of the great wines of Hermitage.   It exhibits great varietal character and combines a classic Rhone flavor profile with the richness of California.  This wine remains a reference point for New World Syrah.

Proprietor's Notes: 2014, 2013, 201220112010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Flanagan Cabernet Sauvignon

Balance is the key to our Cabernet.  Mountain fruit with great structure and concentration is the foundation of our wine.  The Cabernet is beautifully delineated and has great aromatics.  It is a harmonious intersection of site driven fruit, the finest new French oak, and classic wine making.

Proprietor's Notes: 20132012, 201120102009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Flanagan Serenity Way

We craft this “Tete de Cuvee” blend of Cabernet and Merlot from the very best barrels in our winery. The blend varies each year and is driven by our commitment to producing a wine that can rival the top wines of Bordeaux or Napa. Production of this wine is always tiny.

Proprietor's Notes: 2013, 2012, 2011

Flanagan Merlot

Bennett Valley first became well known for making Merlot back when David Ramey was the winemaker at Matanzas Creek. It's a pleasure to bring great Merlot back to Bennett Valley. The steep hillsides that are the source for our Merlot produce intense fruit with tremendous structure and concentration. 

Proprietor's Notes: 20132012

Flanagan Viognier Bennett Valley

 We make this wine for one reason only: because it is awesome. This vineyard has  been the source of my favorite Viognier in California for many years. Viognier has a  tendency to go from not quite ripe to over-ripe very quickly. There is a narrow  window where the grape has developed rich flavors but retains the bright acidity that  makes the wine lively and attractive.

Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014

Flanagan Pinot Noir Sun Chase Vineyard

Sun Chase is perched on the southwest side of Sonoma Mountain at about 1000 feet elevation.  It is next to the well-known Gaps Crown vineyard and is part of the Sonoma Coast AVA.  Sun Chase is a relatively young vineyard but we believe it will become known as one of the top sites in Sonoma County. 

Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014

Flanagan Pinot Noir Sonoma Stage Vineyard

The vineyard is owned by Dick Hyde, whose family also owns the renowned Hyde Vineyard in Napa. The Sonoma Stage Vineyard is one of the coolest vineyards in Sonoma County.  Positioned on the south side of Highway 116, between Sonoma and Napa, the vineyard is subject to cool winds both from San Pablo Bay to the south and the Petaluma Gap to the west.  

Proprietor's Notes: 2015, 2014